Andrew Gillum Uphill Race

Andrew Gillum has an uphill battle to win the governorship of Florida. His socialist agenda will not go over well with Florida voters in a time when they are recovering from a national recession. He did win the democratic youth vote from colleges and it was enough to give him the win but if that all he get’s, he’ll lose to DeSantis. Which when you look at who turnout to vote, republicans almost doubled the vote of democrats in the primary election. Why? The democrat base is not motivated.

Gillum has more than his campaign platform to defend. There is little movement in the democrat party. Nobody they can get behind to support. Sure they have Bernie, but he’s only good for college student votes (which he got for Gillum for the win) and nobody else. Plus we shouldn’t forget that Gillum is involved in a FBI investigation. Which does put a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Hollywood socialist are dumping money in to his campaign but they do not have the big name pullers to create a movement. All of the states large political big seats are controlled by republicans. Which leave Gillum with little choice but to encourage the democrat base to help him and I’m not seeing that happening.

Gwen Gram was the appointee to the seat but Gillum won and that didn’t make the DNC very happy. Nelson will try to pull some of Gillum supporters for his campaign but he has been polling poorly and may hurt Gillum’s platform.

Then we have the super weapon of the republicans. President Trump. His approval numbers are good, lowest recorded unemployment numbers, lowered taxes, economy growing. Has proven that when he endorses a candidate, little alone campaigns for that candidate they win.

The big test in Trumps campaigning power will be in Texas. Where Cruz is in a close race with Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke by just a percentage point in an Emerson College poll. You see Cruz lost his “wow” factor when he talked bad against Trump and this poll has him worried.

With Gillum on the defensive from minute one of this race, I really don’t see a win for him. You can’t create a movement when your defending your actions and words. Sure liberals in social media world will try to place guilt feelings on the voter but people are getting tired of that game move. This is what DeSantis people will try to do. Keep him in defense mode.

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