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If Your From Alabama You Must Be A Racist


The Huffington Post (and most of the other liberal media) are having a nervous breakdown over Jeff Sessions pick for A.G.. They have gone so far to call him a “racist and hate-monger.” Completely ignoring his history of protecting the constitution.

WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly offered Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions ― who was rejected as a federal judge in 1986 due to allegations of racist comments ― the position of attorney general.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, 69, would serve as the nation’s top law enforcement official if nominated by Trump and confirmed by his fellow members of the Senate. Sessions, an early Trump backer, is an immigration hard-liner who has been in the Senate since 1997 and previously served as attorney general for the state of Alabama.

Back in the mid-1980s, when Sessions was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, President Ronald Reagan nominated him to become a federal judge. But during the nomination process, allegations emerged that Sessions had called a black attorney “boy,” that he suggested a white civil rights lawyer was a race traitor, that he joked he liked the Ku Klux Klan until he found out they smoked marijuana and that he referred to civil rights groups as “un-American” organizations trying to “force civil rights down the throats of people who were trying to put problems behind them.”

Read the rest of the opinion here

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Best Of Show for November 19th

Rauch Report has taken November 19th show off. We will air last weeks show in it’s place and will return live for the November 26th show.

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Wolf Blitzer Throws Temper Tantrum After Trump Ditches Press

According to the Associated Press, “Trump departed New York Thursday morning, breaking protocol by not bringing journalists in his motorcade or on his plane to document his historic visit to the White House.”

The journalists were still allowed to cover the event; White House Correspondents Association president Jeff Mason had actually extended a personal invitation to them.

So what is the “White House press corps”: The White House press corps is the group of journalists or correspondents usually stationed at the White House in Washington, D.C., to cover the President of the United States, White House events, and news briefings. Their offices are located in the West Wing. To learn more go here.

Who was the first President that allowed the Press Corps? Lincoln. He did this to use the media to his advantage. Presidents allow the press in the White House but they can tell them to go pound sand. Not a smart move but the press gets access only because the President allows it.

Did Trump do anything wrong? Donald Trump did not break any laws here. No law requires him to ferry a team of journalists around with him everywhere he goes.

Former Presidents have traditionally done this, but only as a courtesy. As far as courtesy goes, the liberal media has a long way to go before it earns that.

CNN spent the political campaign trashing Donald Trump while ignoring much of Hillary Clinton’s scandals, earning them the nickname ‘Clinton News Network.’

So what is the problem? CNN is mad they are getting the cold shoulder. They seem to forgotten when FOX news was blown off by the Obama Adm. because of their reporting. Feel the burn liberal/social media.

Here’s a video clip of their temper tantrum.


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November 12th Show

Pam came in as our “special co-host” today and we hit on the reaction of the media towards Trump winning the election. Plus other stories you didn’t hear about.


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November 5th Show

Andrea Thomas joined us today to talk about Stephen Foster state park festival of lights which start on December 2nd.
Plus Rick Schutte for “Ask An Attorney”

Here’s Attorney Schutte website: Frederick Schutte’s website

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October 29th Show

First there was “Watergate.” Then we had “Hillary-gate.” Now we have “Stroking-gate” (pictures included) The stroking-gun about Hillary. Unknowingly written by Anthony Weiner and other stuff too.

Plus, special addition on the end of the podcast.

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