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Democratic Leaders Declare Paul Ryan ‘Gave Away The Store’

Democratic Leaders
(Source: Breitbart News)

Democratic leaders are unanimous in declaring a complete victory over House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his close allies, who wrote the $1.1 trillion omnibus budget without asking House conservatives for any input — or even for some public objections to help their closed-door negotiations.

The Democrats’ victory, and Republican Ryan’s defeat, was garishly displayed when his omnibus got more Democratic votes in the House and in the Senate than it got Republican votes.

“I said I would not accept a lot of [conservative] ideological riders that were attached to a big budget deal,” President Barack Obama said Friday, at his end-of-year press conference. “And because of some terrific negotiations by the Democrats up on Capitol Hill and I think some pretty good work by our legislative staff here… it was a good win,” he said. “We met our goals,” he said.

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Funny Political Campaign Ads

Here are different political ads that we find funny.

Ted Cruz campaign ad.

From Rand Paul campaign.

Comedy commercial before the debate.

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December 16th Show


Suwannee County commissioner Larry Sessions joined us today to talk about what is happening in Suwannee County with the roads and the different jobs all of the commissioners do, Terry and Pam talk about different issues with the candidates.



Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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You Define: Conservatism

We hear people and politicians say: They’re not conservative.
So we will ask you: Define a conservative person?
Why? Because we fine too many different definitions on a simple word.

con·serv·a·tive (normal google search)

1. holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

1. a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.

: believing in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society : relating to or supporting political conservatism

: not liking or accepting changes or new ideas

1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low:
a conservative estimate.
3. traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness:
conservative suit.
4. (often initial capital letter) of or relating to the Conservative party.
5. (initial capital letter) of, relating to, or characteristic of Conservative Jews or Conservative Judaism.
6. having the power or tendency to conserve or preserve.
7. Mathematics. (of a vector or vector function) having curl equal to zero; irrational; lamellar.
8. a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc.
9. a supporter of conservative political policies.
10. (initial capital letter) a member of a conservative political party, especially the Conservative party in Great Britain.

1) One who espouses a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change.
2) One who believes in less government being better government.
3) One who believes in such “outmoded” ideas as civil liberties (freedom of speech, separation of church and state, right to keep and bear arms, that kind of thing)
4) One for whom the Republican Party no longer truly speaks.
5) a word that today’s so-called “conservatives” don’t know the definition of.

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Florida 2016 Congressional Map

This is the new congressional map for Florida that will go into effect after the 2016 election.

congressional map small


You can download an entire map of Florida congressional HERE

You can download different closeup sections of the state of Florida congressional maps HERE

(maps source: State of Florida)

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Is This Really Offensive

CINCINNATI — A “Zombie Nativity” scene in a southwest Ohio suburb remained undead days past the deadline to remove it.

Sycamore Township officials said last week they had received complaints about debris at the home and concluded that the display violates rules on size and placement of yard structures. They sent resident Jasen Dixon two zoning violation notices and gave him until the day after Christmas to take it down.

Facing a fine and legal action, Dixon instead kept the display up. A Facebook page devoted to the scene urges support for “freedom of expression.”

The scene has eerie figures including a demonic-looking creature sitting up in the manger where the baby Jesus would be in traditional Christmas nativities. There’s a detached head with it in the manger, while another ghoulish figure holds a replica heart in its hand as a somber Silent Night plays in the background.

Township officials have said it’s not an anti-zombie issue, but pro-zoning rules. Messages were left today seeking township comment.

“We do live in a free country, don’t we?” asked Judy Giese, who lives down the block from Dixon on Vorhees Lane (not related to Friday the 13th movie slasher Jason Voorhees). Auto paint and body shops line the other side of the road in the township nearly 15 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

Dixon manages a haunted house attraction and used figures from a Halloween display to create what he calls a holiday decoration. He has begun crowdfunding online to build an even better scene for next year — and to help cover any “township citations.” His Facebook page as of today didn’t state when the first version would be put away.

Giese said she and her husband took down their own small nativity scene and lights after Christmas, although they left up some little snowman figures for the winter. She doesn’t mind if Dixon expands his display, as long as it’s not into her yard.

“It’s different,” she said, adding that it was quite a hit with guests at their Christmas party. “It’s like being next to an amusement park.”

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