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Is She “Nuts” or “Strange”

Woman claims to have sex with different ghost partners. Completely rejects men for ghost lovers because in her words “Their better in the sack.”

A British daytime television program which has the most unusual topics aired this. All we have to say is: Is she nuts or strange?

Amethyst Realm was dumped by her childhood fiancé 10 years ago after he caught her in bed with another man…but the other man was actually a ghost! Since then, Amethyst has gone on to have more than 15 spirit lovers and says the sexual experience is so intense she’d never go back to a human lover.

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I Have No ‘Physical Advantage’ over Female Competitors

How do you feel about “transition athletes?” By them being allowed to compete in sports against the opposite sex as the same sex, does it cause you to ignore sports all together?

(From Breitbart News)
Biological Male Weightlifter Who ‘Identifies’ as Female: I Have No ‘Physical Advantage’ over Female Competitors

A New Zealand weightlifter, who is a biological male who identifies as a female, claims that he does not have a “physical advantage” over his female competitors.
Laurel Hubbard, who made his “transition” to female four years ago, claims that there is no “fundamental difference” between himself and his female competitors, and that those who say otherwise are being “disrespectful.”

“Look, I’ve heard that and I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to the other competitors,” Hubbard said, responding to the coaches of his rivals who criticized him for having an “unfair advantage” over his competition because he lifted heavier weights as a man.

“I don’t believe there is any fundamental difference between me and the other athletes, and to suggest there is, is slightly demeaning to them,” Hubbard added.

Hubbard crushed his rivals at the Australian International weightlifting competition in Melbourne back in March, when he made four new records.

Hubbard’s success has caused some of his competitors to question whether he won fair and square.

Despite his critics’ objections, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed him to compete in the Commonwealth Games, a worldwide sporting competition that serves as a qualifying round for athletes headed toward the Olympics.

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December 9th Internal Fighting Within The DNC

With so many members of the DNC and their liberal supporters turning on each other, the question is why and what are they trying to achieve? We look at possible answers.



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Corrine Brown Sentenced To 5 Years

A judge sentenced former congresswoman and convicted felon Corrine Brown to five years in federal prison during a short hearing at the U.S. federal courthouse in downtown Jacksonville.

Judge Tim Corrigan issued the sentence for Brown to serve 60 months, in federal prison after she was found guilty on 18 counts of corruption.

Brown, is also required to pay $62,650.99 in restitution to the IRS. She must also pay a portion of $452,515.87 in restitution to others.

The judge sentenced Carla Wiley, who ran the phony nonprofit organization called One Door for Education, to serve 21 months in federal prison for her role in the fraud scheme. She will serve three years of supervised release. She owes $425,515.87 in restitution, which will be paid about $250 a month after she gets out of prison.

Judge Corrigan sentenced Ronnie Simmons, Brown’s former chief of staff. He has been sentenced to four years, in federal prison. He will owe $91,621.38 in restitution to the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as more restitution split between the three defendants.

All three defendants will be able to voluntarily surrender to prison sometime after Jan. 8, 2018, Corrigan said. All three defendants will be required to turn over passports.

Corrigan described the sentencing for the defendants as a “sad chapter and there’s no other way to say it.”

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December 2nd Ask An Attorney

Rick Schutte joined us to clarify the legal definition of many current news events happening over the last month such as – sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. Plus we hit news stories you may not have heard about.

Here’s Attorney Schutte website: Frederick Schutte’s website


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Men Prefer Women That Ask Them Out on a Date

Recent college polls are showing that men prefer women that ask them out on a date.

When ask why they feel this way, the most common response is: so they don’t get blamed for sexual misconduct.

The polls also suggest that men want women who do some type of outdoor activity. Such as walking, playing catch, flying a kite, working a garden over a homebody who never experiences the outdoors.

Polling results shows that most men don’t use dating sites to meet women. Although they will look at a dating site, they claim they won’t pick up a date from one. Meaning men seem to prefer meeting a girl at a social event.

Men also responded that they prefer women who are financially stable. One respondent said:  If she can’t pay for a date, it shows she has no clue what money is about and I don’t need her in my life.

Respondents also claimed they really don’t enjoy women who think they are “trophy girls.” Meaning more men prefer women that use their natural beauty than women who enhance their looks.

Although personal appearance ranked well in the polls, more men preferred women who are mentally stable with reasonable understanding of others above their own appearance.

Men also favor women who lean conservative than liberal. Which only reenforce the question about men preferred mentally stable with reasonable understanding.

The days of shivery doesn’t seem to be gone. It shows that men are tired of women who date as an extra curricular activity.

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