Simple Understanding of Personal Taxes

The rich and middle class do not pay taxes. What they do is: pass their tax fee’s to the poor by means of increasing the price of the products they sell.

Has it ever made you wonder why the rich never complain when politicians scream “raise their taxes?” Do you wonder why prices on things keep going up? We’ll make this as simple as we can on this matter.

Recently, President Trump has made his move to lower taxes on the middle class and the poorest while keeping the richest taxes high. Why? Because if you put more “cash” in the pockets of the poor and middle class, they spend more which creates “a wave” of jobs and lowers the unemployment rate. (get’s people back to work)

When the richest (or middle class) go for a job, they figure how much money they need to bring home, then add the taxes they have to pay into what they need to bring home to work for somebody. The taxes they pay, get incorporated into the cost of the product/service they sell. Now when you buy their product/service, your paying their taxes. It’s just that simple.

Here’s some example:
Doctors and hospitals keep rising their fee’s not because they’re greedy, it’s to pay the taxes they are hit with and bring home the money they feel they should make. Who pays for these increases? You.

Crewing gum, in the 60’s and 70’s cost $.01 each. Now the cheapest you can find is maybe $.05 each. Why? Chewing gum hasn’t changed, it’s still made with the same stuff. The only changes are the taxes they are charged. Which you pay for when you buy the gum.

When your supervisor goes to the owner for a raise and get’s the raise, the company just spreads the raise cost to the product/service they sell. The customer may not notice the price increase right of the bat, but when they look back at the cost over a time frame, the realize they’re getting screwed.

In conclusion: The next time you hear some blowhard say “the poor do not pay taxes” scream bullshit! The poor pay everybody’s taxes. Not directly, but in the cost of the product they buy.

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

There is a war on women and the war is on women’s human rights, but women don’t seem to care.

The left want you to think “war on women” means same pay for same work which has been debunked. The true “war on women” is from men trying to be a women and claiming the same rights as a woman.

To simplify my meaning let me give you some examples: take a transvestite, transsexual, cross-dresser, transgender male and tell them they’re not a woman or treat them as a man when they are dressed as a woman and their response will be equal to a cat fight from hell.

Recently I have read an article titled “A fantastic woman could lead to trans history at Oscars.” The article didn’t say what category this artist will be listed in but my question is: would it be leading female role? Face facts, Hollywood is the leader in promoting men that dress like women or act like a woman, as a woman.

How many times have you read an article where a male athlete dresses like a women, act like a woman and was allowed to compete as a woman? That’s not fair to women, male bodies are made stronger than a woman. I recently read an article where a male athlete couldn’t win any competition he was in. So he claims to be a transgender, competed as a woman and now wins every race. As a woman in the male body. Article 

Actress Jennifer Lawrence recently said in the article she is taking two years off from Hollywood and doing movies. She gave no explanation for why she wanted to take time off but I wonder if it’s not because she and other actors are getting tired of Hollywood and all of the cross-dressers.

Did you know it was considered a hate crime if you tell the sex of your child before your child is born? Why because you’re not allowing the child to decided its sex. Or that there are transgendering children’s summer camps?
Nobody complains about the term “tomboy” when they’re referring to a girl, but say something about a male transgendering and you’ve committed a hate crime.

Girls, you have a voice and you need to use it. You need to put your foot down on these issues. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” If you don’t act on this matter, you will be known as the next endangered species.

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Slippery Slope of the Law

Newtons 3rd law says: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

I’m talking about Civil Rights and what happens when you screw with them.

What is a “Civil Right?” To put it simply: it’s something about yourself you can’t change. Like: race, sex, age, disability or national origin.

This question was asked to me and it made me think “people have screwed things up again.” So I’ll ask it to you and see what you think.

By a person being able to change their sex “medically”, (meaning man to woman, vise versa and non-binary) does this neutralize the civil right of sex? Seeing a civil right means something you can’t change.

The civil right of sex means you cannot discriminate a person based on their sex. In other words: everybody get’s treated the same.

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Another Stupid Political Move

The first thing that went through my head when I saw this was “grow up.” The person named is a candidate for Chief of police. I have no clue if the campaign did this or a supporter but seeing there is no derogatory comments, I would say it was a supporter.

Somebody thought it was funny to show a movie seen of a cop pointing a gun and saying to vote! (or what, your going to shoot me?) Hello! This is a Chief of police campaign, does this mean they support police brutality? If I come to this town should I be worried about intimidation from the police for just stopping there to buy something? Why are old movie about the south and dirty sheriffs keep coming to mind?

I’m tired of really stupid campaigns for an office. As a conservative all I want is the facts. I’m an adult, I can take the information I have obtained and make a reasonable assessment of a person. But when I see thing like this all I can think is “They’re taking the campaign as a joke.” Then I think, “are they taking the job as a joke too?”

If the campaign is serous about this election I would suggest: that you denounce this type of rhetoric.

Let all people know you don’t support this type of campaigning. In other words, take the high road.
Or to make my statement more simple, your running for Chief, would you let your officers do this? Because this is an embarrassment to you and the office your trying to obtain.

As a news reporter, if I needed a story for the day. I would eat you for breakfast over this picture and be much harsher than I am in this commentary. Don’t become my “story of the day.”

**Update** This picture came from The assistant Chief of police for Starke, Florida, Major Barry Warren Facebook page.

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Show Question: Does Trumps Tweets Make Him a Bad President

This argument has many people split on whether the Presidents tweets are a good thing or a bad thing. How do you feel about it?

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Dangerous and Boring

Milo Yiannopoulos’s book is forgettable by every reasonable standard of literary merit.

Milo may be a dying star. By his own actions and not by his haters.

Milo Yiannopoulos just self published a book about his life and from what I’m seeing it doesn’t reveal anything new or exciting.

Grant it, I did not read it, but reading the comments about the book and knowing that most self written books are basically repeating everything the news has reported about a person, it will be nothing new or shocking.

Milo is a very good self-promoter. He changes his spots to work with what is current. Last I heard he’s pushing a speaking type company to get conservative/libertarians in colleges for lectures. Why? Mainly because the tracks he’s on are coming to an end and he knows it plus to generate revenue for himself and his business.

Looking at this with a common sense outlook, let’s look at some simple facts:

He’s gay and conservative: Who cares. He’s push this fact to the point that everybody knows it and are tired of it. We really don’t care who or whom you have slept with.

He’s not a reporter: He’s a commentator, a promoter, a modern day P.T. Barnum.

He’s very difficult to contact to get an interview about his book: Most publishers and writers would kill to get an interview to push their books regardless with who will give them an interview. Milo is a very good promoter, he does things to get himself noticed but not an interview. He doesn’t want an interview. Because it would force him to admit his book is just a review of what the media has reported about him for years.

He has a website that just repost stories other first reported: Which there is nothing wrong with that. His site simplifies the story and get’s to the point of the story without the commentaries added. We do the same thing.

This book does not feature any passage of sparkling wisdom, because he’s not much of a writer. It will not contain any particularly interesting outlooks, because he has never indicated that he has had any.


The benefits of using the Breitbart name (whom he worked for) are coming to an end. When a person writes a book about their life, that usually means a chapter in a life is ending. If it wasn’t ending, he would have published dirt on people to keep the saga going.

The Trump coat tail that he rode have disappeared. He has to create a new avenue for himself.

Most likely he’ll pushed the book until September, push lecture tour at colleges and do things that create a shock value. But that will become a norm after a short time and he will be forced to change.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes full conservative and drops the gay card. He’s a good speaker, even entertaining. One thing for sure, his light is not as bright as it once was.

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