Another Stupid Political Move

The first thing that went through my head when I saw this was “grow up.” The person named is a candidate for Chief of police. I have no clue if the campaign did this or a supporter but seeing there is no derogatory comments, I would say it was a supporter.

Somebody thought it was funny to show a movie seen of a cop pointing a gun and saying to vote! (or what, your going to shoot me?) Hello! This is a Chief of police campaign, does this mean they support police brutality? If I come to this town should I be worried about intimidation from the police for just stopping there to buy something? Why are old movie about the south and dirty sheriffs keep coming to mind?

I’m tired of really stupid campaigns for an office. As a conservative all I want is the facts. I’m an adult, I can take the information I have obtained and make a reasonable assessment of a person. But when I see thing like this all I can think is “They’re taking the campaign as a joke.” Then I think, “are they taking the job as a joke too?”

If the campaign is serous about this election I would suggest: that you denounce this type of rhetoric.

Let all people know you don’t support this type of campaigning. In other words, take the high road.
Or to make my statement more simple, your running for Chief, would you let your officers do this? Because this is an embarrassment to you and the office your trying to obtain.

As a news reporter, if I needed a story for the day. I would eat you for breakfast over this picture and be much harsher than I am in this commentary. Don’t become my “story of the day.”

**Update** This picture came from The assistant Chief of police for Starke, Florida, Major Barry Warren Facebook page.

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Show Question: Does Trumps Tweets Make Him a Bad President

This argument has many people split on whether the Presidents tweets are a good thing or a bad thing. How do you feel about it?

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Dangerous and Boring

Milo Yiannopoulos’s book is forgettable by every reasonable standard of literary merit.

Milo may be a dying star. By his own actions and not by his haters.

Milo Yiannopoulos just self published a book about his life and from what I’m seeing it doesn’t reveal anything new or exciting.

Grant it, I did not read it, but reading the comments about the book and knowing that most self written books are basically repeating everything the news has reported about a person, it will be nothing new or shocking.

Milo is a very good self-promoter. He changes his spots to work with what is current. Last I heard he’s pushing a speaking type company to get conservative/libertarians in colleges for lectures. Why? Mainly because the tracks he’s on are coming to an end and he knows it plus to generate revenue for himself and his business.

Looking at this with a common sense outlook, let’s look at some simple facts:

He’s gay and conservative: Who cares. He’s push this fact to the point that everybody knows it and are tired of it. We really don’t care who or whom you have slept with.

He’s not a reporter: He’s a commentator, a promoter, a modern day P.T. Barnum.

He’s very difficult to contact to get an interview about his book: Most publishers and writers would kill to get an interview to push their books regardless with who will give them an interview. Milo is a very good promoter, he does things to get himself noticed but not an interview. He doesn’t want an interview. Because it would force him to admit his book is just a review of what the media has reported about him for years.

He has a website that just repost stories other first reported: Which there is nothing wrong with that. His site simplifies the story and get’s to the point of the story without the commentaries added. We do the same thing.

This book does not feature any passage of sparkling wisdom, because he’s not much of a writer. It will not contain any particularly interesting outlooks, because he has never indicated that he has had any.


The benefits of using the Breitbart name (whom he worked for) are coming to an end. When a person writes a book about their life, that usually means a chapter in a life is ending. If it wasn’t ending, he would have published dirt on people to keep the saga going.

The Trump coat tail that he rode have disappeared. He has to create a new avenue for himself.

Most likely he’ll pushed the book until September, push lecture tour at colleges and do things that create a shock value. But that will become a norm after a short time and he will be forced to change.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes full conservative and drops the gay card. He’s a good speaker, even entertaining. One thing for sure, his light is not as bright as it once was.

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Bradley Polling Effect for Dummies

The Bradley effect (less commonly the Wilder effect) is a theory concerning observed discrepancies between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in some United States government elections where one candidate and another candidate run against each other.

The theory proposes that some voters who intend to vote for one candidate would nonetheless tell pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for the other candidate.

It was named after Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, who lost the 1982 California governor’s race despite being ahead in voter polls going into the elections.

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Leftist Anger For Dummies

To make this simple we’ll compare just two types of thought process. Left thinking people and Right thinking people. There are other types of thinking, but let’s keep this simple.

So where does Leftist anger come from?

It comes from the belief in protecting a just cause that has no factual base or near sightedness to their reasoning.

Meaning: That people as a whole have to be told by the government how to act and live their lives. When to go to bed, when they should get up in the morning. How to control their pets, how to treat their neighbors and strangers.

They believe in majority rule. Meaning that the majority of a given area have the right to pass laws that everybody must comply with and the losing group have no rights to protect their beliefs. (a business can’t refuse service to anybody)

Their major downfall is: believing that everybody agrees with their belief on issues.

Their anger comes from: the shock and disbelief of others that disagree with their reasoning.

When a leftist becomes angered by shock and disbelief of others that disagree with their thinking, they usually (but not always) will attack the objectors with insults, belittlement or actions to punish those who disagree with their thinking.

A leftist or socialist will become physically violent when they can justify their actions to themselves of the necessity of physical violence. Regardless of what the law in a given area says towards physical violence.

Here’s the basics:

Leftist or left leaning person: Is basically a person that believes in social government. Meaning, You give the government the right to control a majority of your everyday activity.

Rightist or right leaning person: Is basically a person that believes in limited government actions and laws.

Meaning, you support the need of a governing body but the governing body is limited in their actions and laws concerning the population they govern.

Leftist or left leaning person: Mainly lives in large cities. Where government controlled service are easier to obtain (city buses, public medical service, homeless centers, etc.) They will live in the rural areas but prefer areas that have additional governing bodies that regulate life style. (home owners association)

Rightist or right leaning person: Majority lives in rural areas with limited or small governing bodies. They support the basic needs such as electrical power, emergency medical. But also believe in self reliance. They will live in large cities, but seem to gravitate to areas in a large city that has limited government actions. (work in the city but live in the county)

Leftist or left leaning person: Believes in “Human Rights.” Which basically means a right given to a person based on the popular belief at a given time. “Human Rights” are not known to have a base to its formula.

Rightist or right leaning person: Believe in “Unalienable Rights.” Which basically means rights for a human based on “Natural Laws.” “Natural Laws” are believe to have started at the time of creation of the known universe. “Natural Laws” cover a wide range of rules such as the laws of math, laws of science, law of planetary motion, etc.

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Job Hiring Tips That Work

We created a simple list of “job hiring tips” to help you get a good paying job. We also added ways for you to get free training in a work field you want to go into.


Make a resume of your job history NOW and keep it in a safe place in your house to help your memory out. Make sure date hired, date left, job duties are on it. Go back in your history for 10 to 20 years or when you left school. (Included un-employed dates in this resume)

There are 29 different public sources where a company can check your history out. Don’t lie on your application. Mis-information may be construed as a lie. All of your answers can/will be verified.

Answer every question on an application: If the question doesn’t apply to you, then you put a “N/A” other than that answer all questions.

Pass job history: if you list a company that is closed or they cannot verified that you work there, it is smarter for you to say that you were “unemployed” during that time frame.
Remember, employers want to know your work history, if they can’t verify it, that will pass you over to the next person that they can verify. Placing “unemployed” on a application is not a bad thing. You can always explain the “unemployed statement” later.

Longevity at jobs is a good thing: Employers are looking for employees they can count on. If your work history has too many jobs in it in one year, employers many pass you over because it shows you most likely won’t stay.
This is where putting “un-employed” may be a good thing. It’s easier to say “it was a bad year for me” then to have 10 different jobs listed.  (more…)

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