Where Does Unalienable Rights Come From

Unalienable Rights are simple to understand, even where they come from is simple. But people have over dramatize them so much, that most people get bored of hearing them.

Simple facts:

  • Unalienable Rights does apply to everybody in the world and United States is the only country that recognizes them in their laws.
  • Unalienable Rights work harmoniously with “laws of nature.” (Actually, they are the same thing.)
  • Laws of Nature are believed to have been created at the beginning of known time. All religions except this as a fact.
  • An Atheist person and a religious person both believe in the existence of Natural laws. (They argue on how it was created.)

There are 7 know ‘natural laws’ of the universe. The Law of Life (Biogenesis), Chemistry, Planetary Motion, Physics, Mathematics, Logic, The Uniformity of Nature.
Unalienable Rights come from these laws that focus on humans.

The definition of “Unalienable Right,” are rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else or a taken by a government. They can be stopped (or ignored) by you personally and can be restarted most of the time just as quick.

A simple example of a Unalienable Right that could be ignored by a person is the right to life. How many times have you heard of a soldier sacrificing themselves to save others?

This link will describe the 25 known Unalienable Rights. 

When the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written most people understood “natural laws” because it was taught in church. (read genesis in the bible) People don’t understand them today because churches and schools won’t teach the simple base/laws of life. Plus when you understand these very simple laws, you start to realize, that a lot of political leaders are full of shit and violate your rights.

Here’s a simple test you can do to anybody and watch them implode over your answer.
When somebody ask you: “Why did you do (whatever)” Your answer should be: “because I chose to do it.” (The right to make a choice is an Unalienable Right) Then walk away, don’t ruin a great answer by adding an explanation. (caution: they’re going to freak over your answer)

Without dragging this article out too far, I’ll leave you here. So you can read the laws and see how they apply to your life. If knowledge is power and you now understand the laws, you will become a force to be recon with.

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White Privilege B.S. is Still A Thing?

I just read an article about “white privilege” READ IT HERE HERE’S ANOTHER ARTICLE and the socialist views on it. The first thing I thought was: “this is still around?” To help, white privilege B.S. is just that. Pure B.S. It’s more in line with achievement shaming.

You bust your tail to get ahead in life at whatever you do and somebody that is jealous of what you achieved through hard work on your part does their best to shame you for your accomplishments.

College kids are effected the most on this issue. I’m proud of a student that bust their tail, that didn’t fall under social/peer pressure and focused to achieve high marks in school. Then they attracted a good paying job in the field they busted their tail for just to be busted on because of their race? Give me a break.

Honestly, this isn’t a race issue. It’s a jealousy issue. Just because you have a heart beat doesn’t mean your special. It means your alive. Want to be special? Exceed in a job you love. Be the best you can be. Do more than you are expected to do.

That will make you special. It’s just that simple.

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Their End is Closer Than You Think

If you think MSNBC and CNN ratings are bad now, wait. Their rating will be crashing even more in the future.

With MSNBC bashing President Trump inauguration day long event and CNN reporting “fake news” stories, people are already showing signs that they are turning them off. Why?

The answer is really simple. It’s over. By Monday, nobody will care about the election of 2016. People will be more worried about the changes coming out of Congress. Common sense will tell you that folks are worried about their families and the future for them than about who’s feelings got hurt over the election.

People that are employed right now have the hopes that soon the load they carry will be eased because of a better economy with the government burdens that will be removed from their life’s and folks who haven’t had a job in a long time, that didn’t go out and learn a new vocation will be able to return to the work force at a respectable wage.

Wether you are for or against the changes that have been made recently everybody is looking to the future, not the past. With the hopes that the future will produce a life style they haven’t seen in a long time and that their dreams are achievable.

To all of the news outlets wether on TV, radio or internet, people will ignore you. Why? Because it’s very hard to get people to ignore their dreams and hopes. People really don’t care about your problems, they are worrying about their own problems and how to make the best choices for themselves. To better their families and personal lives. That’s why.

If you really have issues with CNN and MSNBC, heres is the best way to shut them down. Ask your congressional representative to submit a bill that will allow you to pick what channels you watch from your cable service and be charge only for the service you pay for.

Your bill will come down in price and they lose money because nobody will have to pay for something they don’t want to see.

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Trump Became President on January 7th

Rosie O’donnell is a village idiot. For her to make the tweet “I FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW – DELAYING THE INAUGURATION – UNTIL TRUMP IS “CLEARED” OF ALL CHARGES” LINK shows she has no clue how our system works.

To help folks understand how the system works, when Vice President Joe Biden controlled the “Electoral College Certification Vote” (Jan. 7th) that was to proclaim that Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the Untied States of America. This is why they are now having senate hearings for cabinet members of the Trump presidency. They couldn’t do it before Jan. 7th.

January 20th is the official turn date of the Presidency. But technically, Trump is the President. Obama is still in charge but Trump is also in charge.

Get over it liberals, it’s over.

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Things to Watch in 2017 With Trump

With Donald Trump becoming our next President on January 20th. We list many issues we are keeping an eye on.

  1. Federal Real ID Act – Trump will build a wall in our southern states for protection but the question everybody is asking: how to remove illegal aliens. Enforcing the federal real ID  law will make it very hard for anybody who is not a U.S. citizen to obtain anything. Including a job or financial aid from the federal government. If a person can’t feed themselves, the move to where they can feed themselves. Back across the boarder.
  2. The U.N. – Trump has said in the pass: “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it’s not a friend to freedom, it’s not a friend even to the United States of America where, as you know, it has its home, and it is surely not a friend to Israel,”
    Both houses are very upset with the UN. Don’t be shocked if you see them defunded or even removed from the US.
  3. The White House Press Corp – Many news media outlets in the past for a long time have reported “fake” or misleading news stories. When Trump comes in to office, don’t be shocked if the President keeps this up.
  4. Hillary Clinton Pardon – Remember Clinton did claim she did nothing wrong. If she excepts a pardon from Obama, she claims guilt on the issue the pardon covers. If she refuses it, she could face years of legal battles. We’re keeping an eye on the Clinton Foundation. It’s the one thing nobody is talking about, can’t be covered by a Presidential pardon but is being investigated for fraud in many states.
  5. Transition of Power – Trump has already made a statement about how poorly this is happening and Obama’s staff are coming out with news regulations daily and refusing to release documents requested to cause Trump people problems. Remember one simple thing: What Obama people have done, Trump people can undo and most likely will.
  6. Russia – Obama kicking out Russia dignitaries out of the country isn’t a smart thing to do without evidence they have violated laws. Trump seems to have a good relationship with the Russian President and Russia is ignoring Obama and his temper tantrums. Russia is relying on Trump to fix these issues after he takes office.
  7. Islamic Terrorist – Expect a quick and strong action against them by Trump on their homeland.


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Feeling Bad?

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