Trump Became President on January 7th

Rosie O’donnell is a village idiot. For her to make the tweet “I FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW – DELAYING THE INAUGURATION – UNTIL TRUMP IS “CLEARED” OF ALL CHARGES” LINK shows she has no clue how our system works.

To help folks understand how the system works, when Vice President Joe Biden controlled the “Electoral College Certification Vote” (Jan. 7th) that was to proclaim that Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the Untied States of America. This is why they are now having senate hearings for cabinet members of the Trump presidency. They couldn’t do it before Jan. 7th.

January 20th is the official turn date of the Presidency. But technically, Trump is the President. Obama is still in charge but Trump is also in charge.

Get over it liberals, it’s over.

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