Do You Really Think Hillary Will Win

I am tired of people screaming “Hillary is going to win.” Without even looking at the facts. So here are the facts about the election so far. Hopefully, people will calm down and wake up to what is really happening.

Number of people who voted:

Republicans = 185,000 voted (Cruz won)
Democrats = 14,000 voted (Hillary won)
Amount of voters in state (Democrats who could vote 154,020) (Republicans who could vote 134,113) (NPA 195,108) Total 483,241

New Hampshire
Republicans = 283,000 voted (Trump won)
Democrats = 250,000 voted (Bernie won)
Amount of voters in state (Democrats who could vote 229,202) (Republicans who could vote 260,896) (NPA 383,834) Total 873,932

South Carolina
Republicans = 734,000 voted (Trump won)
Democrats = 369,491 voted (Clinton won)
Amount of voters in state (breakdown by party not found) Total 4,292.027

Democrats = 11,000 (Hillary won)
Republicans = 74,942 (Trump won)
Amount of voters in state (Democrats who could vote 471,342) (Republicans who could vote 423,308) (NPA 309,255) Total 1,203,905

Voted so far
Democrats = 644,491
Republicans = 1,226,942

If the Democrat base won’t come out to vote for their own leader, why would you think they would win?

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Trump and Eminent Domain Issue

coking house

After reading the facts on this matter. The only thing I keep thinking is: “wow, this woman was stupid.” She could have made millions, but instead sold it at “public auction.”
Here is the short version of the story:

  • In 1961, Coking and her husband bought the property at 127 South Columbia Place as a summertime retreat for $20,000.


  • In the 1970s, Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione offered Coking $1 million for her property in order to build the Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino. She declined the offer.


  • In 1993, Donald Trump bought several lots around his Atlantic City casino and hotel, intending to build a parking lot designed for limousines. Coking, who had lived in her house at that time for about 35 years, refused to sell. Reports are: She was offered $1 million.


  • The city of Atlantic City (not Donald Trump) condemned her house, using the power of eminent domain. Her designated compensation was to be $251,000 (one-quarter of what Guccione had offered her 10 years earlier.)


  • With the assistance of the Institute for Justice, Coking fought the local authorities, (not Donald Trump) and eventually prevailed. Superior Court Judge Richard Williams ruled that, because there were “no limits” on what Trump could do with the property, the plan to take Coking’s property did not meet the test of law.


  • Two other properties that prevailed against eminent domain eventually did sell: Sabatini’s restaurant received $2.1 million and a pawn shop sold for $1.6 million.


  • Coking remained in her house until 2010, when she moved to a retirement home in the San Francisco Bay Area near her daughter, Claudia Casey Coking and her grandchildren.


  • Casey subsequently tried to sell the house, putting it on the market in 2011 with an initial asking price of $5 million. By September 2013 the price had reduced to $1 million, but it still did not sell.


  • The property was finally sold for $530,000 in an auction on July 31, 2014. Neither the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority nor the owners of Trump Plaza expressed any interest in the auction.


Wikipedia has a good and short rundown on this and you can read it yourself at this link

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On Today Show


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