Florida’s Constitution Amendment Voting Suggestions for 2018

Constitution Amendment are boring. Most people don’t understand them or even vote on them. So here is the list and our recommendations on how to vote on them.

Amendment 1 – Increases the amount of a home’s value exempted from property tax.

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Local News Reporting is Dead, We Tell Why

To help people out on why a matter you seen or heard about wasn’t in the news, the main reason is: local news outlets are going broke. Newspapers print twice a week, radio stations don’t have a local news department and TV stations really don’t cover this area.

If a crime or accident makes it for you to read, it’s either because the police released a statement on the matter or the matter happened during normal business hours.

Poor management is the main reason the news media is doing this bad, bad personal pay and the fact most news outlets are owned by corporations out of state with policies that don’t work for this area. The internet has also hurt news outlets. Who wants to read it in the paper you pay for when you can search it for free on the net.

So let’s break it down:

Newspapers: Up to 20 years ago the local newspaper was the most common way to get your news. They reported on just about everything and people had to fight to get a story printed in the paper. It was the leading way news was reported in a given area. They could cover more stories than TV news or radio stations news.

What happen? (more…)

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