California Attacks Trump Then Ask For Money

Your a state that is in a debt that you will never recover from, constantly attacking the President of the US for enforcing the laws that are on the book and then ask him for $162 million in federal aid. Are you just that retarded?

Gov. Jerry Brown asked President Donald Trump for federal funds Friday night to clean up damage a series of deadly storms cused last month that helped end California’s long drought.

Brown is asking the White House for $162 million in federal aid to contend with storms that caused flash floods, power outages, and damage to various state-funded projects.

An “atmospheric river storm system” that unleashed days of “relentless heavy precipitation” caused the damage, the California Democrat wrote in a letter to Trump.

“The impacts associated with this series of storms were substantial and widespread, devastating much of California,” the letter reads.

Brown declared a state of emergency Jan. 23 in 49 counties of California’s 58 counties. He added three more counties to that tally Friday: Amador, Mono and Riverside.


To top it off, the leader of the DNC who happens to have her district in your state, accuses the President of doing nothing for the country in his first 20 days in office. On top of that, she can’t remember which President is in office.

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Independant Florida Alligator Invite To The Show

Terry and Jason on the last show asked the question: “should we invite the opinion writers of the Independant Florida Alligator on a show?” Terry said “if you want to piss me off very quickly, have me read one of their opinion pieces.”

Jason remarked that they would have to have “tea and coffee” for them if they get upset. Both of the guys realize that the paper is socialist themed and feels a conversation with them would be entertaining.

After the show Terry was asked if he was serious about his offer and he said “yes I am, they could call in to the studio if they wanted to.” and added “I think it would be good content for the show. We bust on them all the time and this is a fair way for them to rebut what we say about them on the air.”

Both men doubt they would except the offer.

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New Show This Week for Rauch Report

Jason and Terry start out the new year with a bang. Rick Schutte will joined them for “Ask An Attorney.” It all starts at 10am on Talk 107.5.
(You can also listen via streaming audio.)

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Trump “The UN is not a friend of the USA”

Trump’s views are at odds with the U.N. on a variety of issues – ranging from the Iran nuclear deal to the Paris climate treaty to the resettling of millions of refugees or even the punishing of Israel.

“The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it’s not a friend to freedom, it’s not a friend even to the United States of America where, as you know, it has its home, and it is surely not a friend to Israel,” Trump said in March.

Trump’s choice of Tea Party favorite Nikki Haley, the Republican governor of South Carolina, to be his ambassador to the United Nations could send shudders through the halls of the U.N., in part because Haley is known to be a stalwart ally of Israel — a country many critics say has been regularly and unfairly singled out by the U.N. as the institution has routinely ignored some of the world’s worst human rights offenders.

Global socialist are becoming more and more nervous over Trump win and for good reason. They my lose their home in the US.

Read more about this in this FOX news article

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Media 101 – Don’t use Facebook as a Reliable Source

We understand college students make mistakes. We understand there is a learning curve. But there are times an article get’s posted on a news site that is too funny to pass or ignore. Like this story.

(The “” is a student-owned newspaper created to serve the University of Florida. Which means they deal with media art students who are learning the art of news reporting.)

This is the title: Ward’s customers complain about salesman comments

Link to original story

When you read their story it sounds legit, except one thing. All of the “reliable sources” are comments from “Facebook.”

Nobody was interviewed. Nobody made any statements on the matter, nothing was verified. It’s a story completely from a Facebook post.

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Electoral College for Dummies

The electoral college is how we elect a President. Not by popular vote. We hope this article simplifies how the system works.

  • Why use the electoral college system? Because it is a system that all Americans have a voice on who the President will be.
  • Why not use the popular vote? Because candidates would run in heavily populated areas and ignore the rest of the country. Which would means people in low populated areas (like rural areas) wouldn’t have a voice in the outcome.
  • My candidate won my county but didn’t get the electoral vote. Why?

    This is the greatest confusion people (and the media) have. Electoral college voting areas are congressional district not counties.Using the state of Florida, Florida has 27 congressional districts and 2 senators. Which makes up 29 electoral college votes. Florida is a “winner take all” state.
    In the pictures supplied we see Clinton won the county of Alachua but lost the congressional district. Because the congressional district 3 has 6 counties in it and Trump won the other 5 counties. When you tally up the votes in congressional district 3 the results are as follows:
    Trump = 265,184 votes
    Clinton = 179,659 votes
    (rough estimate. The state has not provided the final results at time of this article)

  • Clinton won the popular vote!
    Very true and other candidates who won the popular vote lost the Presidential vote in the past. The electoral college system was placed so candidate had to meet all of the people to show they would represent everybody. All types of people from all types of life.
    She did win the heavily populated counties but she didn’t win the rural areas which often balances the heavy populated areas.

    States often split up counties with large populations in to different congressional districts. With the hopes they encompass as many different views on matters so everybody has a voice in congress via their representative.
  • Why does the media always show who won by county instead of congressional district?
    Most likely because election results come in to the state by counties and not congressional districts. Large populated counties could have 3 or 4 congressional districts in them. Those results take hours even days after the polls close to give a result and the media wants an answer “right now.”

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