Bait & Click Media

Anybody can be a report/journalist/opinion writer, all it takes is your story to be placed on some type of media that the public can read. You can go to college for journalism but it will get you nothing special in life. The way the media claims your good is by how many people read your words and/or respond to them.

For you to understand how media works today you need to understand a few things:
Media is a business for profit.
They don’t care if the story is accurate or not.
Make the story inclusive to their form of publication.
The more juicier you make the story, the more likely it will be published.
Editors and publishers sole job is to make your story more sensational.
Opinion pieces are only published if the story has hate speech in it.

With the popularity of the internet (the net) the media is trying anything to get you the reader to their form of publication so they can boost their advertising rates based on how many people come to their form. Which brings me to the name of this article.

What is bait & click media?
Simply, get people to come to your site and click the ads. You get paid by how many times people click the ads on you site. Even youtube does this and there are people who’s hole job is to create bait & click articles.

No, this is not a *new* thing. It’s been around since the media has been. I can go back to “town criers” doing this. (A town crier, or bellman, is an officer of the court who makes public pronouncements as required by the court) They would make a boring story more sensational with the intent of having more people list to them.

(This movie clip is a perfect example of a “town crier”)

How do you spot a “fake news” or a “Bait & Click article”?

1. Use “common sense” if the headline sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
2. If the writer places their opinion in the article to make it so you can understand how important the article is, good chance it’s fake.
3. Do a simple web search for other stories on the subject. If you can’t find any other stories on the subject, it’s most likely fake.
4. Does the headline match the article?
5. Is there some type of “public shaming” in the article? Meaning: is there something that blames others lack of action to the reason the subject of the article happen? (If the government made harsher gun laws, this would not have happened.)
6. How many click ads are on the page your reading? Ads most likely will be there but if there is a ridiculous amount of them, the site has low readers and most likely the news is fake.

Something else you need to know, cable media makes their money of your monthly payment for cable and is a tax write off for a major corporation. ABC, is owned by Disney, CNN is owned by Time Warner cable, MSNBC which is owned by ComCast, Fox News is owned by 21st Century Fox.

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Fake Racist News Stories, The New Fad of Liberals

Fake racist news stories seem to be the new trend for the left wing media. The click whores are now creating stories so you will go to their sites and click their ads to make money and create anger which was never there.

This recent story from “CampusReform” where they found out that the “Diversity Leadership Council” at Gustavus Adolphus College has admitted to posting racially offensive posters around campus after the school’s Bias Response Team received multiple reports on the matter.

The signs urge “all white Americans” to report “any and all illegal aliens” because “they are criminals,” saying “America is a white nation” and it is the “civic duty” of such Americans to turn in illegal immigrants.

Or this story where a college group is trying their best to create anger and shaming of their own students. ARTICLE

We also have a story from Breitbart were most of the left leaning Media Refuse to Blame Anti-Trump Protesters for Violence at Rallies on Saturday. Were Anti-Trump protesters launched violent attacks on supporters of President Donald Trump at rallies across California.

The left antics have caused issues throughout North America. One school district in Candida has canceled all future trips to the U.S.A. over fears that some of its students may be impacted by President Donald Trump’s travel order putting a temporary moratorium on travel from a list of terror-prone countries. ARTICLE

We believe you are seeing a last ditch effort of the left leaning media trying to hold on to their audience. Because you are seeing more people telling the media off, than being shocked over their stories.

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California Attacks Trump Then Ask For Money

Your a state that is in a debt that you will never recover from, constantly attacking the President of the US for enforcing the laws that are on the book and then ask him for $162 million in federal aid. Are you just that retarded?

Gov. Jerry Brown asked President Donald Trump for federal funds Friday night to clean up damage a series of deadly storms cused last month that helped end California’s long drought.

Brown is asking the White House for $162 million in federal aid to contend with storms that caused flash floods, power outages, and damage to various state-funded projects.

An “atmospheric river storm system” that unleashed days of “relentless heavy precipitation” caused the damage, the California Democrat wrote in a letter to Trump.

“The impacts associated with this series of storms were substantial and widespread, devastating much of California,” the letter reads.

Brown declared a state of emergency Jan. 23 in 49 counties of California’s 58 counties. He added three more counties to that tally Friday: Amador, Mono and Riverside.


To top it off, the leader of the DNC who happens to have her district in your state, accuses the President of doing nothing for the country in his first 20 days in office. On top of that, she can’t remember which President is in office.

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Independant Florida Alligator Invite To The Show

Terry and Jason on the last show asked the question: “should we invite the opinion writers of the Independant Florida Alligator on a show?” Terry said “if you want to piss me off very quickly, have me read one of their opinion pieces.”

Jason remarked that they would have to have “tea and coffee” for them if they get upset. Both of the guys realize that the paper is socialist themed and feels a conversation with them would be entertaining.

After the show Terry was asked if he was serious about his offer and he said “yes I am, they could call in to the studio if they wanted to.” and added “I think it would be good content for the show. We bust on them all the time and this is a fair way for them to rebut what we say about them on the air.”

Both men doubt they would except the offer.

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New Show This Week for Rauch Report

Jason and Terry start out the new year with a bang. Rick Schutte will joined them for “Ask An Attorney.” It all starts at 10am on Talk 107.5.
(You can also listen via streaming audio.)

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