Could He Be The Next Speaker of the House


Rep. Ted Yoho endorsed Donald Trump and appeared on stage Saturday in Tampa, casting himself in the same outsider mold as the GOP nominee. The Trump campaign then announced the endorsement.

“When an outsider like Mr. Trump wins against all odds and against the political establishment machine, it exemplifies his political savvy and business acumen. Americans root and love to see the underdog given a chance and eventually win, the Gainesville Republican said.”

We’re not saying he will or will not be the next speaker of the house. What we are saying is: No other congressional politician was on stage at this event. Yoho has run for speaker in the past. Trump and Yoho do have the same attitude towards government and how it is treating Americans.

If the President endorses a person for speaker, they usually win and it’s no secret that Trump and current speaker Paul Ryan have issues.

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