Dangerous and Boring

Milo Yiannopoulos’s book is forgettable by every reasonable standard of literary merit.

Milo may be a dying star. By his own actions and not by his haters.

Milo Yiannopoulos just self published a book about his life and from what I’m seeing it doesn’t reveal anything new or exciting.

Grant it, I did not read it, but reading the comments about the book and knowing that most self written books are basically repeating everything the news has reported about a person, it will be nothing new or shocking.

Milo is a very good self-promoter. He changes his spots to work with what is current. Last I heard he’s pushing a speaking type company to get conservative/libertarians in colleges for lectures. Why? Mainly because the tracks he’s on are coming to an end and he knows it plus to generate revenue for himself and his business.

Looking at this with a common sense outlook, let’s look at some simple facts:

He’s gay and conservative: Who cares. He’s push this fact to the point that everybody knows it and are tired of it. We really don’t care who or whom you have slept with.

He’s not a reporter: He’s a commentator, a promoter, a modern day P.T. Barnum.

He’s very difficult to contact to get an interview about his book: Most publishers and writers would kill to get an interview to push their books regardless with who will give them an interview. Milo is a very good promoter, he does things to get himself noticed but not an interview. He doesn’t want an interview. Because it would force him to admit his book is just a review of what the media has reported about him for years.

He has a website that just repost stories other first reported: Which there is nothing wrong with that. His site simplifies the story and get’s to the point of the story without the commentaries added. We do the same thing.

This book does not feature any passage of sparkling wisdom, because he’s not much of a writer. It will not contain any particularly interesting outlooks, because he has never indicated that he has had any.


The benefits of using the Breitbart name (whom he worked for) are coming to an end. When a person writes a book about their life, that usually means a chapter in a life is ending. If it wasn’t ending, he would have published dirt on people to keep the saga going.

The Trump coat tail that he rode have disappeared. He has to create a new avenue for himself.

Most likely he’ll pushed the book until September, push lecture tour at colleges and do things that create a shock value. But that will become a norm after a short time and he will be forced to change.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes full conservative and drops the gay card. He’s a good speaker, even entertaining. One thing for sure, his light is not as bright as it once was.

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