Defunding Planned Parenthood for Dummies

We simplified the argument on why people want Planned Parenthood defunded. We covered the most common questions of the argument.

If you want to learn more about the issue, read the thousands of different reports on the web alone.

Who supports Planned Parenthood:

  • Democratic party
  • Socialist-Liberal politicians
  • People who are considered leaning to the left

Who is against Planned Parenthood:

  • Christian religion
  • Republican party
  • Conservative politicians
  • People who are considered leaning to the right

Does Planned Parenthood perform abortions?

Yes they do. Their own website omits to this. Planned Parenthood Website

But other places perform abortion too. What about them?

This is very true. Most other places don’t receive government funding to operate or perform abortions.

Planned Parenthood performs medical services for women at a low cost if not free.

Very true. So does every county health department across the country. To say Planned Parenthood is the only place to get free medical services for women is a false statement.

How much money does Planned Parenthood get from the Federal Government?

To find the exact number has been hard for us to find mainly because the funding they receive comes in different forms and federal avenues. Meaning they get funding for public health programs like Medicaid and Title X for their preventive and primary care.

Planned Parenthood claims it receives $310 million over tens years time period. Web Link

Other reports claim they receive yearly revenues of nearly $1.3 billion in its latest annual report for 2014-15. Web Link.

Planned Parenthood does receive funding from many different private corporations.

Why does the Republican Party and the Democratic Party fight over them so much?

Mainly for two different reasons, the first is because of their own base supporters urgings. Meaning the people who vote for them want their candidates to champion their beliefs.

The other is mainly because Planned Parenthood has many political Super Pac. (501c) Meaning they give money to political parties for candidates that support them. Planned Parenthood supports only liberal-Democratic politicians.

Open Secrets report on Planned Parenthood Super Pac

In the open Secrets report planned parenthood gave a Grand Total Spent on 2016 Federal Elections: $14,359,024. Not counting the funds they gave in local elections.

Why do these companies give money to a Super Pac?

Mainly for political favors. Give money to a super pac, meet the candidate or politician and ask for favors to help your company. Many liberal politicians get the majority of their funding for their campaign from super pacs like Planned Parenthood.

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