Elitist Lee, Ryan, Heck, Bush, McCain Endorses Hillary Clinton

Sen. Mike Lee, Bush family, John McCain, Rep. Joe Heck, Paul Ryan, are feeling the backlash from voters for attacking Trump over a statement Trump said in 2005. The list is much bigger but most names you wouldn’t recognize. HERE’S AN ARTICLE OF MANY MORE NAMES.

They are so offended over Trumps statement that happen over a decade ago, that they seem to forgotten Bill Clinton sex in the oval office or the number of women that have accused Bill of rape. Nor do they remember Hillary sweeping these rapes under the rug and helping Bill cover them up. Sad that Bill Cosby doesn’t have Hillary as a wife.

Time will tell what will happen to the people who removed their support for Trump but if actions speak louder than words, we don’t see many of them staying in office after this election and Trump support is growing.

Exclusive poll: GOP voters want the party to stand by Trump

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