Hillary Hates Young Americans

Hillary is your typical conceded politician. If you disagree with her, she hates you and will become violent towards you if you anger her too much. (women who claimed Bill rape them)

So let’s look at how many people Hillary has insulted. Currently there are 146,311,000 Americans registered to vote. Out of that 57.5 % Americans voted in the 2012 Presidential election. (source, Voting Statistics)

Now that we have a base number, let remove the group of people she has insulted.
Anybody who support Donald Trump (remember her deplorable statement?) and to keep it simple let’s use 50% of the voting public. That’s 73,155,500 American voters.

Now with her current insult of Bernie supporters or Millennials (Hillary clams they live in their parents basement) we need to add another 9.9 million (roughly) 18 to 29-year-olds.

That’s 82,155,500 American voters she has insulted. Remember that’s total voters not total population of the country.

What does she have left that most likely could support her? 64,155,500 American voters. Remember, last election only 57.5% actually voted.

It doesn’t look good for her.

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