Love, in love or intimate. Just a state of mind.

Let’s look at the definitions first to understand where you are at on certain issues.

When a person says I love “whatever” they are basically saying at a given moment this is my favorite.

I love my pet. I love my home, family, work. It could change in a blink of an eye but at any given moment it means – This is my favorite.


What they are basically saying is, I have created a fantasy about (person, place, thing) and I’m enjoying it. When they realize reality, their personal outlook may change. Which could often lead to anger and violence towards the subject.

When a person is “in love,”  they are often fascinated with a fantasy they have created for themselves and the subject in question. Far from reality or the truth. 

You may be in love with a movie star, singer, political leader but when you meet them, you realize they are nothing like the fantasy that you have created and now you want nothing to do with them.


What a person is really saying is, that they have a close personal bond with another.


The major problem with all of these different type of feelings is that people have a right to choose. They may love the people with whom they work with but something happens and they change their minds and have no feelings for anybody at work tomorrow.

Intimate or Intimacy is the goal in life that everybody tries to achieve. Don’t confuse these words with sex. Sure it could lead to that but it’s much more.

A granddaughter always being around her Grandmother wouldn’t lead to sex, but would lead to a close personal bond between the two women. It often leads to the sharing of knowledge, wealth, defense. A loyal allied.

You never really lose the connection that you have with the person you have/had an Intimate relationship with. We call them fond memories. But you may not care for the choices they made in life and choose to stay away from them. Relying on the memories instead of the facts. 

I didn’t write this to be depressing, I wrote it to be in lighting to all. 

During the holiday season many people get depressed because they have no one to be intimate with and often confuse the words for what they really want. I know nothing to say to change this outlook but I hope they find a passion or goal that can temporarily fill the void.

Finally, I hope you now understand the differences and use the correct words to title a relationship with another and if all else fails, just say your in “lust.” Everybody understands that feeling.

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