Last Ditch Effort For Rubio

florida poll

Florida is a last ditch effort for Rubio to win and stay in the race but it doesn’t look good for him. The RPOF has lost the republican voter. Early voting has started and exit polls that have been released shows Rubio may be the RPOF favorite but not the voter.

Let’s use some common sense on what you have seen from the candidates in this area of Northern Florida.

  • Personally, I have only seen Trump and Sanders campaign signs in the area. No Cruz, Rubio or Clinton anywhere. Which tells me, there is no major support for them.
  • Trump has made an appearance within a 100 mile of this area, that a voter could see him in person. Twice.
  • Trump has a local support group. That is active. Even though the local republican parties support Rubio, they have to stay silent. (their rules before a primary.)
  • Rubio did campaign in this area last year but it was a closed event with very poor advertisement and support. They couldn’t fill the building.
  • Local news agencies remember all of the request they sent Rubio to make a statement on issues that concern Florida and Rubio refuse to say anything. Now people are wondering why he get’s no press.
  • People have forgotten he is one of our Senator. Polling shows this.

Florida is projected to go to Trump by a very large margin. With the lack of Cruz campaigning in Florida and the lack of support for Rubio, we have to agree.

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