Nicole Back

Nicole Back is a friend who is the one interview I wish I could obtain. She introduced me to the media world and was yin to my yang on issues of the day. We lost touch of each other after all of these years but my hope are that one day we can have a beer and enjoy laughing at each other lives.

To my dear friend, you will always have a spot on the show and my heart.


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Media Fights Over Their Own Fake News Reports

Not one story that has come out this week about the White House or the Trump administration by the main stream media can be confirmed. Why? Because they all claim “Inside Sources” as their base of the report. “Inside sources” means, we made it up.

There are so many stories about fake news that it has become the *NEW* trend in news reporting. Here are a few stories showing what we means:

Dems, Media, Intel Folks Fall Into ‘No Evidence’ Column on Trump Campaign Collusion with Russia

With headlines swirling and lawmakers meeting behind closed doors, it’s not difficult to conclude there is trouble in the Trump White House.
But a deeper dive reveals that lots of people who would not consider themselves Trump supporters admit there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by the Trump campaign regarding alleged collusion with Russians.

If your completely lost on what fake news stories are *HOT* this week, here’s an article telling you which ones are “hot.”

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What is Happening With Obamacare

The big question running in people’s mind over Obamacare is: “Is my insurance company pulling out and where do I get coverage.”

We listed the most current stories on this matter below to give you an idea on what is happening. With companies pulling out, it’s no wonder why congress and the President are trying to do something before we have nothing.

We also are not going to put blame on anybody. The spirt of this article is just to let you know what is happening with the insurance companies.


Humana will completely withdraw from the Affordable Care Act exchange program in 2018, leaving a sizable dent in the Obamacare market.

This would make Humana the first major health insurance company to walk away from Obamacare. The company states that it has come to this decision due to the fact that it stands to lose $45 million in 2017 on Obamcare business.


Aetna said that it won’t sell individual coverage next year in its two remaining states — Nebraska and Delaware — after projecting a $200 million loss this year. It had already dropped Iowa and Virginia for next year. The insurer once sold the coverage in 15 states, but slashed that to four after losing about $450 million in 2016.


UnitedHealthcare, the biggest health insurer in the United States, that it plans to exit most of the Affordable Care Act state exchanges where it currently operates by 2017.
The health insurer had already indicated that it was dropping coverage of the plans, more commonly known as Obamacare, in Arkansas, Georgia and Michigan.

But during a conference call with analysts, CEO Stephen Hemsley noted that “next year we will remain in only a handful of states.”

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Trying Something New

We’re trying something *new* for us and it’s posting the replay of our show on Youtube. A few people voiced that playing the replay wasn’t an option for them so we’ll try this.
Let us know what you think.

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May 13th Media Freaks Over Nothing

The media is making a mountain over nothing and the guys set the story straight. Plus Andrea Thomas talks about the “Folk Festival” on May 25th.


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So You Want to Host a Radio Show

Recently a man questioned me about doing a radio show on the station and was asking what was involved in it. He was curious about the cost and how a person puts on a show.

I explained to the gentleman that if you can give a lecture with nobody in the room, you can do a radio show. If you think about it, that’s what happens. You talk on the mic for 30 to 60 minutes about a subject or series of subjects with nobody in the room that you can look at.
(This is why radio host often get asked to do lectures or speaking engagements)

Which got me thinking there are a lot of people out there with great idea’s but don’t know how to make an idea materialize. So here is a look at what it takes to make a radio show happen.

Get over your fear of a microphone.

As silly as this sounds a lot of people have a fear of talking on a mic. I tell people who have never done this to simply set your computer up to record your voice and practice talking on it. Talk about a subject you know and can push your point. Play the recording back to yourself and listen to it.
People think their voice may sounds bad but a bad sounding voice is often a hit with the public and on radio. I can list a number of people who have horrible sounding voices, but they are so unique that the public recognizes them when they hear the voice.

Nothing is FREE

There are cost factors in airing a show. To the shock of most people, the cost can be cheap. Request a meeting with a station manager about doing the show, let them know what type of show you want to do, how long you want the show to air and if you will need help producing your show. Ask if the station will help promote your show. Stations will cut commercials telling people about your show and when they can hear it.

Shop around with different stations. Some stations cost is very high in price, but some stations are very cheap and love the idea of a locally made/produce show.
Make sure your show works with the station format. Many stations don’t do local shows because the show doesn’t work with it’s format.

Paying for the show

This is where you find show sponsors and there is a good chance you’ll pay for it at first out of your own pocket. You can ask around and see if you can find somebody who would buy advertising but often if your show in on a subject that works with a business, they will pay the show cost for the right to be the only advertisement for your show. Businesses often do shows using their sales staff as host of the show and will push the business as a good place to buy the items talked about on the show.

Show idea’s that are a HIT!

Horticulture – people love to hear about plants and how to grow them.
Anything about house repairs – People want to know about how to fix things in their homes.
Car repair – always a big hit
Law – Why there are not more law shows I’ll never know.
Religious – It’s not just for Sunday’s anymore.
Cooking – a dying art. Be a chef because you will get a lot of questions.
Live Stock – in the rural area’s stations need to have this type of show. Great idea if your a Veterinarian or pet supplies store.
Local Historian – Everybody loves to talk about the history of a given area.

These idea’s are just a scratch of what will work on radio and I hope I spark an idea for you. There are many other things you need to do to make a show a success but a station manager will help you on that part.

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