March 5th Show

This week Frederick J. Schutte came on the show for “ask an attorney” where he answers different legal questions for us. Scott James called reporting from CPAC to give us an update on what is happening there.

Here’s Attorney Schutte website: Frederick Schutte’s website


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On Today Show


Show will start at 8am today followed by CPAC. On today’s show we will have Rick Schutte for “Ask an attorney.” Plus a live report from Cpac by Scott James.

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Florida Republicans Give Churches The Right To Discriminate


Florida House Bill 43 passed a vote by republicans in the house giving churches the right to discriminate (AGAINST) any marriage if they feel the marriage would violate their beliefs. Passed: 82/37 (3 republicans voted against it, Caldwell, Hager and Raschein. Representative Porter supported this law.)

The Bill reads:

An act relating to churches or religious organizations; creating s. 761.061, F.S.; providing that churches or religious organizations, related organizations, or certain individuals may not be required to solemnize any marriage or provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges for related purposes if such action would violate a sincerely held religious belief; prohibiting certain legal actions, penalties, or governmental sanctions against such individuals or entities.

So what is the problem with it?
The U.S. supreme court has ruled that you cannot discriminate based on “race, color, religion, sex and national origin.” The State of Florida republican party feels, yes you can.

Another problem with the wording of the law is: “if such action would violate a sincerely held religious belief.” So a black couple could be refused marriage services in an all white church or vise versa. Maybe a Baptist couple wanted to marry in a Catholic church. How about a Jewish family that wanted to use a church chapel.

You do know that Westboro Baptist Church could protest a marriage and you couldn’t stop them with the passing of this law.

If the law passes it would mean that no recourse could be taken against the church or any of its affiliates for discrimination.

As of today, the senate hasn’t taken up the bill nor has the Governor signed it. But most likely any republican running for office will have to answer their actions to the voters.

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Why Is This Election So Different

The drama? The fame? The lies? The actions? Let’s take an honest look at this Presidential election. Here’s the short answer: Name recognition.

Democrat Side: Bernie and Hillary have problems. Sure the polling numbers look great and up against a republican they look like winners but if we look close enough, it’s scary for them. Democrats are not voting, in other words, they are sitting on their hands. Look at the outcome of states that have already voted. Very low numbers for turnout.

Bernie: He has the youth and Northern vote. Completely fails in the South and you need that to win.

Hillary: Her biggest asset is “name recognition.” People know who she is, it’s just that simple. Nobody will campaign for her. Yes, Bill has tried to help, but with his background and to put it simply, nobody really remembers him and what he did as President. Even Obama is staying away from her.
She need positive allies and the democrat’s don’t have anybody. There is no shinning star in their camp.


Republican side: Rubio and Cruz have problems. They can’t win any primaries and nationally their polling numbers blow chunks. Trump biggest problem is he can’t get the GOP behind and support him. Republicans are screaming “Conservative party” which is really going to bite them in the general elections. Why would anybody who is not conservative vote for them. They just ran off 60% of possible voters.

He has youth and good looks working for him. But that doesn’t win elections. He lacks name recognition. Plus the moment he makes any headway, either the media or the other candidates beat him up. He’s working on damage control, but it’s too little, too late. Even with the GOP behind him, (yes, they are behind him) he can’t build any votes.
His stupidest move is having the long list of other politicians supporting him and he keep’s mentioning Trump in he’s speeches. Why would anybody mention their opponent, by name. Plus people hate politicians, why would you boast about that type of list?

The GOP completely hate him. He boast that other senators hate him to. That’s a big problem and stupid statement. People who hate the establishment love him, but that doesn’t work alone. He shoves the constitution in people’s faces in a way that is more annoying than helpful. (reminds me of Ron Paul)  His action show he’s a poll watcher and makes movements the way the polls say to do. He also lacks name recognition. If he wins the primary, he’s got a big problem. Conservative only make up 27% of votes, guess who will lose the general.

His downside is that his campaign is so tight and hard to work with, I wonder if he wins the primary will he allow the GOP in to work with him? He doesn’t trust them and from their past actions, I don’t blame him.
He speaks plainly so that the lowest educated person understands what he says. Which is a big plus for him. His fame is the biggest asset. He has great name recognition. Who doesn’t know who he is or his past.
His campaign is designed to everybody. Left, right, middle, everybody likes him. Which will be a huge help to him in the general.


Voters will not remember anything that is not repeated 30 or 40 times a day. All they will think when they go to vote is: What name do I recognize?

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February 27th Show

Another leans left vs lean right show. This week our good friend Jim Choma came on and shared his thoughts on different stories for this week. Terry did try his best to get Jim to say a “politically incorrect” word.


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On Today Show

2-27 show

If you wanted blood in the Republican debate, that’s what you’ll get in our next show.

Liberal Jim Choma will be our co-host. Left vs Right let the battle begin.

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