February 27th Show

Another leans left vs lean right show. This week our good friend Jim Choma came on and shared his thoughts on different stories for this week. Terry did try his best to get Jim to say a “politically incorrect” word.


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On Today Show

2-27 show

If you wanted blood in the Republican debate, that’s what you’ll get in our next show.

Liberal Jim Choma will be our co-host. Left vs Right let the battle begin.

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What is Super Tuesday

go vote

In the political world the one day of the primary elections that 14 states hold their primary elections at the same day is called: “Super Tuesday.”

March is the month that the most primary elections are held and can (but not always) tell which Republican candidate will be in the general election in November. Other state primary’s will follow this date throughout the country.

Super Tuesday states are: 

North Dakota


Currently Trump is leading in the following state as far as polling numbers report.
Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Alaska, Vermont


Cruz is leading in Texas and Arkansas.


Rubio, Carson and Kasich are not reported as leading in any state.


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Do You Really Think Hillary Will Win

I am tired of people screaming “Hillary is going to win.” Without even looking at the facts. So here are the facts about the election so far. Hopefully, people will calm down and wake up to what is really happening.

Number of people who voted:

Republicans = 185,000 voted (Cruz won)
Democrats = 14,000 voted (Hillary won)
Amount of voters in state (Democrats who could vote 154,020) (Republicans who could vote 134,113) (NPA 195,108) Total 483,241

New Hampshire
Republicans = 283,000 voted (Trump won)
Democrats = 250,000 voted (Bernie won)
Amount of voters in state (Democrats who could vote 229,202) (Republicans who could vote 260,896) (NPA 383,834) Total 873,932

South Carolina
Republicans = 734,000 voted (Trump won)
Democrats = 369,491 voted (Clinton won)
Amount of voters in state (breakdown by party not found) Total 4,292.027

Democrats = 11,000 (Hillary won)
Republicans = 74,942 (Trump won)
Amount of voters in state (Democrats who could vote 471,342) (Republicans who could vote 423,308) (NPA 309,255) Total 1,203,905

Voted so far
Democrats = 644,491
Republicans = 1,226,942

If the Democrat base won’t come out to vote for their own leader, why would you think they would win?

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South Carolina Exit Poll – What We Learned

On national issues, how did the folks in South Carolina vote? Most seem to feel the government is not doing their job. Most are worried about terrorist and most want a candidate that has a business background.

(Source: ABC News)

A more detail exit report can be found here: South Carolina Exit Polls

most important





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Rubio Doesn’t Like The Big League

rubio worried
Marco Rubio has come out and attacked Breitbart News by claiming they report “conspiracy theories” and “We don’t even credential them for our events.” Which has caused Breitbart to prove everything they have been reporting and show Rubio to be a lier.

Let’s address the “We don’t even credential them for our events” claim by Rubio. Here is a picture of Rubio press passes that was given to a Breitbart reporter.

rubio press pass
You can see the full size of it here:
Oh hey, it’s my @marcorubio credential from December




Here is the list of stories that has Rubio very worried:
Exclusive: On Eve of South Carolina Vote, Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them

Rubio Slams Breitbart on Fox News: ‘Not a Credible Source,’ ‘Basically Conspiracy Theories’

Full Panic Mode: Rubio Caught Lying About ICE Agent, Breitbart News on Fox

Jeff Sessions Weighs In on ICE vs. Rubio: Chris Crane Is an American Hero

Breitbart is a very credible news source and Marco is learning you don’t bite the hand that has been reporting fairly on you.

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