1st Show January 4th

Terry Rauch - Rauch Report

Terry Rauch – Rauch Report

The radio show “Conservative Countdown” name has been changed to “Rauch Report” because we want a more friendly name for the show. Our 1st show is schedule for January 4th, 2015.

In the past many people got nervous over the word “conservative” and to be blunt, they wouldn’t come on the show because of the name. So we changed the to be more friendly but nothing more.

  • We still are a hard hitting radio show using “common sense” thinking.
  • We will still take the weekly news and simplify it.
  • We will point out the blatant lies from government leaders and explain their thinking.
  • Other news media outlets still hate us.

Future changes may be coming like: lengthening the show from 2 hours to 3 hours. Start time may be changing to make the other stations that carry the show happy. Guest reporters.

If you would like to hear old shows you can still go to iTunes and replay all of our shows from there.
Conservative Countdown archive link

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Melissa Rauch – Possible Distant Relative

Melissa-RauchBefore I get hit with the emails from everybody, I’ll say it now. I do not know if I am related to the actress Melissa Rauch who stars on the TV show “Big Bang Theory”.

The Rauch clan is very large, my family is from the Northeastern Ohio / Southeastern Michigan area. I was born and raised in the Southern United States. I really don’t know too much about my family tree.

I’ve never met the actress Melissa, (although my ex is named Melissa) I’m sure she’s a great person. Yes, I know we both have hazel/blue eyes, most of the Rauch’s I know have this color eyes. No I can’t get you an autograph. But I’m sure if you write her, she would send something.

Thanks for asking,

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Starting January 4th 2015

Welcome cloud
Welcome to RauchReport.com. We are under construction at this time but will fire this site up on January 4th, 2015.

Want to hear what we are doing now? Go to our old website: ConservativeCountdown.com and listen to old shows.

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