The Poorest Will Always Pay the Most in Taxes

The harsh truth is: if your poor or middle class, you will pay the most in taxes. Even though you pay a small amount, your still paying taxes and can’t avoid it.

How does this happen?

Every time a political candidate or even a clueless person screams: “Tax the evil corporations!” The corporations say: “go ahead and raise our taxes, we don’t care.” So why don’t they care?

Corporations and businesses don’t pay taxes. Taxes are classified as a business expense. They add their taxes to the cost of the item you buy. In short, you (the buyer) pay their taxes.

Same with the richest of the rich. They don’t really pay taxes. Yes, they write a check like everybody else does and they take the amount they just paid and add it to their services. The cost is handed down the line. Which means the middle class and poor pay for it.

Then there is the “hidden tax.” Which are taxes put on items at some level of making the product that (you guess it) the middle class and poor pay for. Like gasoline. There are taxes added to the import of oil, the production of oil to gasoline, the equipment and ingredients to make the gasoline and all of those taxes are added to the price you pay at the pump. Did you ever wonder why gas was less than a dollar back in the 60’s but now it never falls below $2 a gallon?

Taxation will never be “fair” for anybody. It’s a mathematical formula that just doesn’t work. History tells us it doesn’t work because just about every year the government changes it. If it worked, why change it? Remember they’re always tell us “the change is for the good” but the middle class and poor still pay for it. Always have, always will.

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