Men Prefer Women That Ask Them Out on a Date

Recent college polls are showing that men prefer women that ask them out on a date.

When ask why they feel this way, the most common response is: so they don’t get blamed for sexual misconduct.

The polls also suggest that men want women who do some type of outdoor activity. Such as walking, playing catch, flying a kite, working a garden over a homebody who never experiences the outdoors.

Polling results shows that most men don’t use dating sites to meet women. Although they will look at a dating site, they claim they won’t pick up a date from one. Meaning men seem to prefer meeting a girl at a social event.

Men also responded that they prefer women who are financially stable. One respondent said:  If she can’t pay for a date, it shows she has no clue what money is about and I don’t need her in my life.

Respondents also claimed they really don’t enjoy women who think they are “trophy girls.” Meaning more men prefer women that use their natural beauty than women who enhance their looks.

Although personal appearance ranked well in the polls, more men preferred women who are mentally stable with reasonable understanding of others above their own appearance.

Men also favor women who lean conservative than liberal. Which only reenforce the question about men preferred mentally stable with reasonable understanding.

The days of shivery doesn’t seem to be gone. It shows that men are tired of women who date as an extra curricular activity.

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