Florida Primary Election is a Reflection of the People

Need an idea of what is happening in the Florida election? All you have to do is watch voter turnout.

People who are not motivated will simply not vote. That’s what is happening in the early election cycle in Florida. There has been more Republican votes cast than Democrat. Grant it, it could change on Tuesday. But I don’t really see that happening.

So whats happen? You have a President who has made promises and has more or less kept to his promises. More jobs than people to hire, lower taxes, more pay. What slogan are the Democrats running on? We hate the President, the President is wrong, impeach the President?

This doesn’t work on the voter who is having a positive return. Who’s going to vote to end their own prosperity?

This President took the good old boy play book of the Republicans and threw it out the window. He created a new book that is working, for the people. People do support him, they like the results he’s giving. And it has caused the Democrats a headache because they have no counter plan for it.

How do you counter a positive growth? Democrats don’t want to publicly support him so the only option they have is to counter him. Which they haven’t done. I have seen nothing that resonates with the voter from the Democrat side.

The only problem I have seen with the Republican base is: which candidate is more like the President? Who will work with him to create more prosperity for the voter?

If you think this primary election is nerve recking, your right. But if the Democrat turnout remains low at the end of the primary cycle, I can just about guarantee that the general election will go for all Republican candidates. Why? Voter will not vote against their own prosperity.

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