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Why Is This Election So Different

The drama? The fame? The lies? The actions? Let’s take an honest look at this Presidential election. Here’s the short answer: Name recognition.

Democrat Side: Bernie and Hillary have problems. Sure the polling numbers look great and up against a republican they look like winners but if we look close enough, it’s scary for them. Democrats are not voting, in other words, they are sitting on their hands. Look at the outcome of states that have already voted. Very low numbers for turnout.

Bernie: He has the youth and Northern vote. Completely fails in the South and you need that to win.

Hillary: Her biggest asset is “name recognition.” People know who she is, it’s just that simple. Nobody will campaign for her. Yes, Bill has tried to help, but with his background and to put it simply, nobody really remembers him and what he did as President. Even Obama is staying away from her.
She need positive allies and the democrat’s don’t have anybody. There is no shinning star in their camp.


Republican side: Rubio and Cruz have problems. They can’t win any primaries and nationally their polling numbers blow chunks. Trump biggest problem is he can’t get the GOP behind and support him. Republicans are screaming “Conservative party” which is really going to bite them in the general elections. Why would anybody who is not conservative vote for them. They just ran off 60% of possible voters.

He has youth and good looks working for him. But that doesn’t win elections. He lacks name recognition. Plus the moment he makes any headway, either the media or the other candidates beat him up. He’s working on damage control, but it’s too little, too late. Even with the GOP behind him, (yes, they are behind him) he can’t build any votes.
His stupidest move is having the long list of other politicians supporting him and he keep’s mentioning Trump in he’s speeches. Why would anybody mention their opponent, by name. Plus people hate politicians, why would you boast about that type of list?

The GOP completely hate him. He boast that other senators hate him to. That’s a big problem and stupid statement. People who hate the establishment love him, but that doesn’t work alone. He shoves the constitution in people’s faces in a way that is more annoying than helpful. (reminds me of Ron Paul)  His action show he’s a poll watcher and makes movements the way the polls say to do. He also lacks name recognition. If he wins the primary, he’s got a big problem. Conservative only make up 27% of votes, guess who will lose the general.

His downside is that his campaign is so tight and hard to work with, I wonder if he wins the primary will he allow the GOP in to work with him? He doesn’t trust them and from their past actions, I don’t blame him.
He speaks plainly so that the lowest educated person understands what he says. Which is a big plus for him. His fame is the biggest asset. He has great name recognition. Who doesn’t know who he is or his past.
His campaign is designed to everybody. Left, right, middle, everybody likes him. Which will be a huge help to him in the general.


Voters will not remember anything that is not repeated 30 or 40 times a day. All they will think when they go to vote is: What name do I recognize?

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Will History Repeat For Hillary

As democrats become nervous (or excited) over the idea that Bernie Sanders beating Hillary, looking back at the 2008 election with Hillary and Obama running we see it could very much happen to her. The turning point on Hillary was after the New Hampshire primary. (February 10th, 2008)

2008 election-1

Mr. Sanders is projected to win the New Hampshire primary by a large margin, which could give him the needed boost to possibly win the primary election. Let’s see if history repeats itself.

2016 electionprimary

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Polling Numbers Flat Out Lie

People and political analyst often say look at polling numbers as a snap shot of the current feeling of the public at any given time. We say read polling numbers trends to see who is gaining or losing favorability by reviewing their movement.

But common sense says: Look at how many people attend rallies to know if a candidate is doing well.

To be fair, polling results are often pushed for a certain result by the way questions are asked to the public.
Like: Name a person you support for President. Instead of saying: out of the following list who would you support for President.
Below are pictures found on a simple google search of rallies of the different candidates. Next to the picture is their polling favorability. The amount of people attending don’t seem to match their polling numbers. If we use the attendance numbers instead of polling numbers, Sanders and Trump would be the flat-out winners.
Notice the size of the rooms the rallies were held in. Did this happen because the campaign knew it would have been a low turnout?

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