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Polling Numbers Flat Out Lie

People and political analyst often say look at polling numbers as a snap shot of the current feeling of the public at any given time. We say read polling numbers trends to see who is gaining or losing favorability by reviewing their movement.

But common sense says: Look at how many people attend rallies to know if a candidate is doing well.

To be fair, polling results are often pushed for a certain result by the way questions are asked to the public.
Like: Name a person you support for President. Instead of saying: out of the following list who would you support for President.
Below are pictures found on a simple google search of rallies of the different candidates. Next to the picture is their polling favorability. The amount of people attending don’t seem to match their polling numbers. If we use the attendance numbers instead of polling numbers, Sanders and Trump would be the flat-out winners.
Notice the size of the rooms the rallies were held in. Did this happen because the campaign knew it would have been a low turnout?

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