Why They Fight Over The Wall

The boarder wall is the big issue this and most likely next year for Trump. But the question keeps coming up. Why is this such an issue? Democrats have supported a wall/fence in the past, why not now? Most Republican support a wall, but there are some against it. Why?

The idea of a wall/fence is just like a door lock. If somebody really wants to get in, they will. The idea is to make them take so much time to get in, that somebody most likely will see them that can stop them. So a statement like “It won’t stop people from getting in” is correct. A wall/fence was never meant to stop them, it was meant to slow them down until law enforcement can arrive.

Everybody wants security from being attack. That is human nature and the leading reason for locks and fences. But who wants undocumented/illegal people the enter the country? What is the benefit of it?

People who believe that all laws need to be followed most likely support the wall. People who have family members wanting to come in the country by any means possible even if it’s illegal would be against the wall, at least until their family members get here. Then they would want security like every body else. So what group really doesn’t want the wall, or boarder enforcement at all?

To keep this short I’ll point out two different groups who have the money to keep a politician in their pockets. To do their bidding as needed.

Drug cartel: They don’t like this wall/fence at all. They make millions bringing drugs in to the country by any means possible. They get low educated people to be their mules, pay them well if they succeed. If they get caught, no big issue. Very little cost lost for them.

Chamber of Commerces (businesses): Have you notice that businesses don’t really make any statement on this matter? Why? It’s simple, the cost is much cheaper to hire an illegal to do work than an American citizen.

When a business hires an American citizen they have to pay unemployment and workman compensation taxes right off the bat. Then add employee insurance and benefits with the hope these people will stay employed with them for enough time to break even. If the employee leaves, they lose the money.

But if you hire an illegal, you don’t pay any of these taxes or benefits. Which works really well with seasonal work like farming or construction. If an illegal get’s hurt, they most likely won’t go to the hospital because they have no insurance and they know they most likely will get caught and returned to their country. And most illegals are sending most of their money back to their families in their country of origin to support them. Which means they live on practically nothing while in the country.

Now that I showed you the benefits and profits of hiring an illegal, you can see why they back politicians with money who fight against the wall.

So you see, Trump really isn’t fighting the democrats over the wall, he’s fighting the Chamber of Commerces and the Drug cartel who financially back politicians and these politicians really don’t want you to know who gives them money for their campaigns to stay in office.  

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